A series of short films by George Csicsery on string polyhedra and related work
with Scott Kim and Karl Schaffer

String quartetMaking tetrahedron, octahedron, and cube with one loop
Polyhedra on a shoe string: Making a tetrahedron and pentagram with a loop
OctaflexFlexing a loop octahedron into polyhedra
Squishahedron: Polyhedra with a wad of chewing gum!
Making StarsMaking stars with a loop and hands, including a sequence of star polygons
Karl on LoopsKarl on how we got involved with making loop polyhedra
Handmade MathScott on how he started doing geometry with his hands and fingers
Polyhedra at Your Fingertips: Polyhedra with the fingers.
Six Hands ShakingVarious ways to shake hands
More Handmade MathScott does more math with hands and fingers
Euler Circuits: Karl on creating Euler circuits with loops
Loopy MathScott and Karl on making polyhedra with loops
Ambigrams and inversionsScott talks about his inversions
Gathering for GardnerScott on the Gatherings for Gardner
Scott Kim and Martin GardnerScott on Martin Gardner
Snakes Not on a PlaneScott on filling space with snakes

Link to MathDance.org: web site for math dance work
Link to SchafferStern.orgweb site for the Dr. Schaffer and Mr. Stern Dance Ensemble